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8 Signs that your Ukrainian woman is slowly checking out of the relationship

Women are more sensitive than men, so women are usually the first to notice something wrong in a relationship. That’s why many men wake up one day and realise that their women are gone already. Now we’d like to help you in this regard so that you will be aware of some signs which indicate your Ukrainian girlfriend is gradually checking out of the relationship. In this way, you will be equipped with the knowledge and relevant strategies to deal with it before something that you don’t want happens.

Ukrainian girlfriend is gradually


No. 1: You don’t have regular sex with her anymore. Some men tend to use sex as a tool. For instance, they use absence of sex to punish their women; they use makeup sex to get their women back. If you play that game with your Ukrainian wife, then she will leave you – that’s guaranteed, because Ukrainian girls hate playing mental games with men. Therefore, if you don’t have regular sex with her and then she refuses to sleep with you. You can’t really blame her for checking out of the relationship slowly.


No. 2: You don’t have dinner together anymore. Nowadays many people eat dinner alone, even though they have family members or partners. That’s because everyone is addicted to their devices – maybe you are having dinner in front of a YouTube show; meanwhile, your Ukrainian woman is having dinner in front of her iPad screen. If that’s the case, then this relationship isn’t healthy, because sharing meals together is paramount. Sometimes when you do have dinner with her, you two rarely talk. Then that also means she is gradually checking out of the relationship.

Ukrainian girls love free


No. 3: She stops responding in arguments. Perhaps your Ukrainian lady used to cry while arguing with you, and that really annoyed you. But now she becomes quiet and has stopped picking fights altogether. You would be the world’s biggest idiot if you think that’s a good sign. In fact, that’s a bad sign because that means she stopped caring. People only argue in relationships because they still care. When she stops responding in arguments, you should know she is probably slowly checking out of the relationship.


No. 4: She stops asking you how you are. One of the most obvious signs that your Ukrainian stunner is checking out is she stops asking how your day is. When she shows very little interest in what’s going on in your life, you should be alarmed – she is probably considering leaving the relationship now because she couldn’t care less.


No. 5: She is undoing the intertwining of your lives. Maybe you are very cautious, so you don’t share a lot of your life with your Ukrainian bride. For example, you two don’t have a shared bank account and she doesn’t know how much money you make. Don’t be glad – In this case, it is actually easier for her to leave you. When you notice that she is gradually taking her things away from your place, you should know that it’s a sign of her checking out altogether. Then maybe you suddenly realise that you two don’t even have any shared friends!

Ukrainian stunner is checking


No. 6: Her hobbies, work and friends are more important than you. If she begins to prioritise her friends, work and hobbies, it’s a huge sign that she is gradually leaving the relationship with you. Most women from Ukraine value their relationships very much, so your Ukrainian girlfriend’s relationship with you should be her top priority. But now she begins to focus more on other areas of her life, so you need to be aware – she is probably checking out.


No. 7: Her phone becomes extremely important to her. If you can’t even look at her phone, that’s a big red flag – she is gradually checking out, because she apparently has something to hide from you. Otherwise, it’s okay for you to look at her phone. When she is talking on the phone, she is either standing on the balcony or hiding in the toilet – you really need to be careful because she is possibly talking to someone that she doesn’t want you to know.

Ukrainian wife sex in red


No. 8: She becomes very quiet and doesn’t want to talk to you. When a beauty from Ukraine has secrets, she wants to talk less, because it’s very difficult to hide her secrets from you. The easiest way to hide her secrets is to talk less. Consequently, when you notice that all you talk about is logistics, that could indicate her disappearing acts – she is likely to leave you soon.


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