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Avoid scams when dating Ukrainian women online

One thing which everyone should be aware of is the fact that the Internet is filled with many people who only want to trick or hurt someone. Most of them are unscrupulous and they aren't afraid to pose as someone else in order to achieve their goals. One of the tricks the scammers use is to pose as an attractive Ukrainian lady. They like to pretend that they have big problems and that you are the only person who can help them and make their life less bad. How can these problems be avoided? How to be sure that you are not dealing with a scammer? Read on and find out.



- Don't search for women half your age

This should be pretty obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Women who are around 20 years old mostly don't want to date someone who is half their age. If you notice a young woman taking an interest into you, you should think about why is that happening. Most likely it is some Ukrainian nerd trying to relieve you off your money. Maybe it really is a woman, but she is only interested in money. Whatever the case may be, it is wise to avoid talking to women who are half your age. After all, you want to find someone with whom you can enjoy your life and be together with forever. Try finding someone who is closer to your age.


- Don't search for woman who look like models

Be honest about yourself - do you look like a super model? Chances are that as much as you are attractive, you probably aren't what is considered a super model today. Most of the men don't have what it takes to support the extravagant life of a supper model and most of the accounts with pictures of women who look like models are probably fake. Ukrainian women are very beautiful, but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.



- She is secretive

You have met a lovely Ukrainian lady online, but when you try to find more about her she becomes secretive or avoids the answer. When that happens, you are most likely dealing with a scammer. Try asking her for her phone number, maybe even an address because you would like to send her a letter. If she says no, they you should stop wasting time on her.


- She wants to be "rescued"

Some of the scammers like to pretend that they are a woman who has some troubles in life. Maybe she has a drunk father who is abusive, maybe she is very poor or something similar. If she only talks about her problems, then it could be a scammer who is trying to play with your emotions. If she starts asking for money from you, then it's probably the right time to find someone else.


Online dating carries certain risks, but it is nothing that you can't avoid. When you chose to start out with Internet dating you accepted those risks. This article is meant to help you with recognizing those risks and avoiding them. We hope that you have learned something new and that you will feel safer while enjoying the online dating.

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dating russian women
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