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Does your Ukrainian girlfriend want the best for you?

So, you are dating a Ukrainian beauty. She is young, hot and fun-loving. She seems to be the ideal wife you want. But before you ask her, “Will you marry me?”, please ask yourself, “Does she want the best for me?”


When you tell her something very cool about yourself, does she compete with you? For example, when you say, “I studied visual merchandising. That’s why I’m very good at doing my job”, she says, “I studied content marketing, so I’m a competent marketer.” That means she is competing with you. Even though this Ukrainian girl is very capable and intelligent, she isn’t the ideal wife for you because the ideal wife shouldn’t compete with you – she should want the best for you; she should want you to be successful and feel genuinely happy for your success. Therefore, if her response is, “Wow. I’m impressed. What is visual merchandising?” Then you know she is obviously admiring you and truly wants you to be successful.

good Ukrainian wife


When you tell her about your career ambitions, does she ask you to focus on other areas of your life? Another scenario: When you say, “My goal is to build a successful personal brand online and own a 7-figure business”, she says, “Well, if you have all the success, you also need to have someone to share your success with, so why don’t you settle down and get married?” That doesn’t mean she truly loves you. In fact, that means she is interested in what she wants rather than what you want. A good Ukrainian wife supports her husband’s career; hence, if she says, “I like your ambition. An ambitious man is a sexy man. Tell me how I can help you.” Then you know she wants you to be successful and actually would like to help you make your dream come true, because what makes you happy also makes her happy.

relationship with a Ukrainian stunner


When she knows your strengths, does she feel jealous? For instance, when you say this to the Ukrainian lady, “I’m a tall guy, so I naturally feel confident”, she says, “But you are bald.” Then you know she is jealous of you, so she wants to put you down in order to make herself feel superior. By contrast, if the lady from Ukraine says, “Indeed. That’s why I like you”, then you know she really likes you for who you are.


When you talk about your weaknesses, does she laugh? Let’s analyse this situation: When you say, “I really need to go to the gym because I feel fat”, she says, “Haha…I’m glad that you’ve realised that.” Her reaction indicates that she laughs at your weakness and feels good when you are vulnerable. This is the biggest red flag that you need to be aware of. In contrast, if she says, “Hmmm… Going to the gym will help you feel fit and healthy. That’s great”, then you know she is a supportive wife from Ukraine.

Ukrainian girlfriend want the best for you


In fact, Ukrainian women are very bad at hiding their truths, so if you pay attention and listen to what they say, they will tell you who they really are very quickly. Therefore, don’t ignore those red flags during the initial stage of your relationship with a Ukrainian stunner. Good luck! Oh, by the way, if you want to know more about this topic, you can read Professor Jordan B. Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (the No. 1 international bestseller). In this book, Rule No. 3 is: Make friends with people who want the best for you. You may also want to watch some of his videos on YouTube and you’ll be amazed by the fact that a mainstream university professor uses plain English to talk about concepts and ideas clearly.


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