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General dating rules

Relationships can be complicated, and the same goes for dating. When it comes to dating, it doesn't matter if you are a man who enjoys long lasting relationships or someone who enjoy having many short relationships. Whatever your situation is, there are certain rules with all of us should adhere to. If you want to be successful with Ukrainian women, the rules which follow will help you greatly.



1. Look your best

Buy decent clothes and shoes. Every woman will notice those things on you first. Women like to check out the men they are dating and the first thing they see is clothes and shoes. If they notice that you don't pay a lot of attention to it they will most likely think that you don't pay attention to other things in life. Ask for some advice in the clothes store, wear fitting clothes and make sure that you feel good in what you're wearing.


2. Styling and hygiene are important

As mentioned before, women will notice everything they can when they see you for the first time. Visit your hair stylist and let him do something stylish with your hair. If you are balding, you might think about shaving your head. Many women find it sexy and they see bald men as very confident. You should keep your facial hair, if you have any, groomed. Looking like a bum is not attractive to any woman. You should buy nice cologne or a perfume and put some on you, just remember not to overdo it.


3. Be knowledgeable

Read the news; be up to date with what goes on around the world because that's always a nice conversation topic. Just don't bring politics into it. Women don't like stupid men; they don't like men who have nothing smart or wise to say. You should be informed and know at least a little bit about the current affairs. Not only will it help you with breaking the ice but it will help you talk about something when the conversation goes silent.


4. Don't brag about your drinking "skills"

You are not a kid any more, and you are not dating kids. That's why you should leave some childish things behind you. No Ukrainian woman will be impressed with your ability to drink a lot; it will only make her think that you are an alcoholic. Don't talk about your drinking abilities; leave it for your friends.



5. Don't smother her with talks about your passions

You could be a huge fan of a certain band or you might be a huge movie buff, but you have to keep one thing on your mind: not everyone wants to have a lengthy discussion about it. The same goes for Ukrainian women. If you talk about something you are passionate about don't overdo it or she might get bored.


6. Teach yourself about manners and etiquette

You should read a bit about what it means to have etiquette and manners. You should get acquainted with chivalry and what it takes to be a gentleman. Don't use bad words in front of your Ukrainian woman and show her respect.

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dating russian women
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