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How To Avoid Scandals In Relationship With Ukrainian Women?

The most difficult period of any, even very strong relationship is a conflict. In such times, the ship of love must be carried through without damage through a storm of emotions, maneuvering between "reefs", stumbling upon which, ordinary household dispute or quarrel, grow into a scandal.

As you know, the scandal is a peak and a very unsightly part of the conflict, in which both sides pass to individuals and can fall into the heat of discussion to direct insults directed at each other. At this point, the love ship receives the first hole and if the team does not have the common sense and courage, the hole will become more and more, which, ultimately, can pull the ship to the bottom. The Most Serious Relationship Mistakes
Ukrainian women and foreign men

Yes, of course, both men and women bring arguments in their defense during the conflict, but they do not always work. The fact is that due to differences in the hemispheres of the brain, Ukrainian women and foreign men evaluate the arguments of the opposite side in different ways. Fortunately, the experts of marriage agency have conducted a survey on how to avoid escalating disputes and quarrels in scandals, because of which romantic relationships may be on the verge of total collapse.
  1. Looking in the eyes. Most women (62%) and men (64%) would not want to find out the relationship through passive-aggressive communication via SMS, ICQ or Twitter. Representatives of both sexes are in favor of avoiding attempts to resolve conflicts by means of communication tools that do not allow to see the interlocutor personally, while also providing the opportunity to unilaterally interrupt the conversation. Direct communication, in the opinion of the majority, is much more conducive to the reign of peace and tranquility.
  2. Do not pronounce some phrases. There are certain phrases, the utterance of which can easily turn any conflict into a scandal. And although these phrases themselves are not offensive, and women and men in the majority claim that the use of certain words can lead them out of balance. For 67% of men this is the phrase: "You do not understand!", For 60% of women: "Calm down!". It follows from the above that such expressions should be avoided during the clarification of relations.
  3. biutes girls ukraine
  4. Set the rules. In addition to avoiding certain phrases during conflicts, most men (63%) are positive about setting certain rules of conduct during conflicts and then adhering to them strictly. Women, as nature more impulsive and emotional, are not so unanimous. Only 43% of women agree that it is necessary to conflict by some rules. In any case, if we establish the rules, then we need to do this in "peacetime". In the midst of a quarrel, this is hardly likely to happen. Learn Three Rules For A Happy Marriage With Slavic Beauties.
  5. Avoid sensitive topics. This is the most difficult of all that can be. 49% of women say that such a topic is money and material issues. For 44% of men, sex is the most sensitive topic. Here we mean, not at all topics as such, but the charges associated with these topics. Women can not bear it when a partner accuses them of squandering, and men can not forgive the allegations of sexual insolvency.
  6. Joint work on conflict resolution. Anyway, the conflict can not last forever. Sooner or later it needs to be finished. Men feel that they are more inclined than women to compromise during disagreements, however, women believe that twice as often as men are able to admit they are wrong.

All these rules will help you to avoid scandals in your marriage and keep relationship strong and happy.

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