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How To Save Your Love From The Influence Of Time?

Unfortunately, it turned out that so many men and women do not know the basic things, giving their ruthless time to their mercy. All couples enter into a relationship or marriage in the hope that their passion will last forever. At the very beginning everything is shrouded in romance and exhilarating joy. It is so interesting to get to know each other, to say "we" for the first time, to arrange small holidays and adventures, to commit reckless acts and do little nonsense. But as time goes on, you go deeper into everyday affairs: cooking, cleaning, washing, repairing, traveling to a countryside, going to stores, raising children... and behind all of it, imperceptibly, gradually, but more and more distant. Most of the couples mire in domestic problems and forget about where and how it all has begun.

Keeping love and passion with Ukrainian brides require constant work. Do not be surprised, so it is! If you do not water the flower, it will wither and die, if the musician stops rehearsing, he will forget how to play well, if the athlete stops training, he will not achieve results, and if a passionate couple does not stimulate the feelings, it will disintegrate or be doomed to a miserable existence in bare walls of a dilapidated palace of love. Read Three Rules For A Happy Marriage With Slavic Beauties

Love ends sooner or later. Yes, there are exceptions, but they are very rare and only confirm the rules. You must make an effort to maintain love and passion, save for a long time and do not let the flame go out, once so brightly inflamed in your hearts. Only you are able to do this, because nothing will happen by itself.

At our dating platform we would like to present strategically important ways to save your feelings.

  1. Take up memories more often. Do you remember how your relationship started? Your first kiss? What did you do together and where did you go? Do you often view old photos? Do you remember what you laughed at together to the colic in your stomach? Such seemingly simple things will not let you forget not only the joyful events of the past, but also the feelings that you experienced then. The more often you will mentally return to the bright past, the brighter and more joyful will be your present and future. Frequent memories will not let you forget the freshness and purity of your first feelings, and in spite of the years you have lived, you will also see in your half, the same person, from one thought about which you breathlessly caught.
  2. Maintain a constant spiritual connection. We are not talking about a joint stay on one living space or on the other extreme - lingering discussions or heated debates on various topics. Just talk to each other, turning off the computer and putting things off. It should not be a deep and meaningful conversation, just talk about the day, and tell a funny case that happened at work, share plans for the weekend. Let only a few minutes, but you just have to find the time to communicate with each other every day.
  3. Choose time to stay together. Only you and no one else. Give the children to grandmothers, friends, relatives or choose the time when the children are at school. Find something interesting that you can do together. Go to the rink, to the museum, visit the exhibition, take a boat for hire, so anything, just to get together again, to experience something when you are alone together.
  4. Be gentle. My grandmother taught me to always meet and part with a kiss. It is not necessary to portray "cinematic" passions in a suck. Let only on the cheek, but a gentle, sincere and affectionate kiss, before you leave for work, will make your day happy, because once again will let you know - you are loved. In the evening, when you go to bed after a busy day, do not rush to turn to your favorite side, why not embrace for five minutes? It does not have to end with sex, just one more little opportunity to show your affection for each other.
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  6. Make romantic dinners. Not always and not every couple has the opportunity to visit a restaurant, but a bottle of wine, a couple of candles and a few cakes should be present in your life. Put down the music, mute the light, you can even come up with a sex game. The main thing is to recreate a romantic atmosphere where you will truly be together and do it at least once a month.
  7. Respect each other. This, perhaps, is the most important. Never humiliate your second half with a word or deed. Especially in the presence of strangers or children. Why You Shouldn’t Lie To Ukrainian Women
  8. Keep physical contact. A sure sign that your relationship is cooling off is the lack of touch. Break out of the vicious circle, break the routine of everyday life, hug and kiss, as often as possible. Put your hands on each other's laps and hold hands in public places.
  9. Just say: "I love you!". It's so simple and does not require any effort, but these three words can radically change the mood. Talk about your love and do it sincerely and as often as you can!
  10. Start today. Remember that without your actions nothing will change! Only you yourself are able to keep love, save it from time, make your relationship happy and passionate. Do not delay - start today! Make your first step into eternity!

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