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How to choose a gift to impress your Ukrainian girl

It’s very common for men to buy their girlfriends gifts regularly in order to show their love and affection. If you are dating a Ukrainian girl, what gifts should you buy for her?


Jewellery is Ukrainian women’s best friend. In almost every culture, jewellery is a sign of love for women from men. Therefore, if you buy your Ukrainian girlfriend jewellery, she can be easily impressed. Better still, when your Ukrainian stunner wears jewellery given to her by you, she is always thinking about you because the jewellery reminds her of you all the time. Another benefit is when you buy her a ring, other men will reckon that she is taken because she wears a ring, thereby reducing the number of your competitors! So, jewellery is a powerful weapon in dating and relationships. If your budget is high, you can look at Cartier, Tiffany and other high-end jewellery brands. If your budget is low, you can look at Pandora, Swarovski and other cheaper jewellery brands. Of course, it’s much easier to choose a necklace or a pair of earrings for her because the right size of a ring or a bracelet is always harder to guess.

buy your Ukrainian girlfriend


Perfume is a great gift. Everyone’s smell has memories; therefore, perfume is a powerful tool when it comes to leaving your mark in your Ukrainian lady's life. For instance, when she is dating you, she wears a Gucci perfume which was given to her by you. Many years later, maybe you will be married to her, at that time, whenever she smells that particular Gucci perfume somewhere, she will begin to think of those good days when both of you were young & just met each other and started dating. If she breaks up with you, that Gucci perfume will also remind her of you whenever she smells it somewhere, because everyone’s smell has powerful memories. Speaking of perfume, some great options are Chanel No. 5, Chanel Chance, Miss Dior, Vera Wang Princess and Marc Jacob’s Daisy.

gift to impress your Ukrainian girl


Bags are investment pieces. Every beauty from Ukraine loves beautiful bags because there is a saying which goes like this, “If clothing makes women happy, then bags are the orgasm.” Clearly, buying your Ukrainian bride a beautiful designer bag is a good idea. Usually, a high-quality designer bag can last for many decades, so it’s an investment piece that you can buy for your Ukrainian wife if you want to impress her. As a matter of fact, not every designer bag is very expensive. A case in point is Coach, a relatively cheap brand. Other options are Kate Spade, Ted Baker and Guess – these designer bags are high-quality and inexpensive. But if your budget is high, then you may consider brands such as LV, Chanel, Dior and Gucci. By the way, before you go shopping, you should observe what colours your Ukrainian girl likes. If she is a very girly girl, then you may prefer pink, red and purple designer bags – this will tell her that you have actually thought about it while choosing her a gift.


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dating russian women
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