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How to create a positive energy at home when you are married to a Ukrainian wife

Metaphysics claim that everything is made of energy. Yes, everyone has an energy field, which has already been proved by science. Do you know how to create a positive energy at home when you’re married to a Ukrainian bride?


Avoid displaying any other beauties’ photos at home. According to Feng Shui, displaying other hot women’s photos at home is a bad idea because it attracts affairs to the household. Even if you have a wandering eye, you shouldn’t do it at home because your marriage is very important to the stability of your love life, your financial life and your wellbeing in general. Therefore, when you are at home with your Ukrainian lady, make sure she has your full attention, okay? In this way, she will be more satisfied and you will be happier!

home when you are married to a Ukrainian wife


Put a picture of lotus on the wall in the kitchen. Lotus represents financial success and love in ancient Asian culture. Actually, money and sex are intertwined from an energetic point of view! The well-known money coach Kate Northup even did something crazy like this: She literally put $100,000 cash on her bed and had sex with her husband on the cash! After getting married, their net worth has grown from debt to more than one million dollars in a few years. If you are keen, you may try making love with your Ukrainian stunner on a huge pile of cash. But anyway, now you know why lotus, the symbol of financial success, is also good for your sex life!

photos at home


Make sure you cook dinner at home often. Eating out too frequently is bad for the vibes at home because your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house. Feng Shui experts argue that you should cook often at home so that the energy in your house is always positive. Not cooking at home usually leads to negative energy, i.e. your Ukrainian beauty may want to go out more often, thereby meeting other men, which is something you don’t want to see.

Make sure you cook dinner at home often


Make sure that your bedroom is for sleep and sex only. If you have TV and other devices in your bedroom, it’s time to move them out now. Statistics show that couples with TV in their bedrooms have less sex and usually can’t sleep well. Hence, you’d better make sure your bedroom is for sex and sleep only – nothing else is allowed in the bedroom where you enjoy intimate time with your Ukrainian woman. If you need to recharge your phone, do it in the living room rather than in the bedroom. Even your phone shouldn’t enter the bedroom at night because that’s just one more distraction in bed. If you have to use your phone as an alarm clock, you must switch on airplane mode and put it on a table in the bedroom (not near your bed) so that when the alarm clock is ringing, you have to get up and walk towards the table to switch it off.


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dating russian women
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