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How to date an upper-class Ukrainian woman

Many men are interested in dating women from Ukraine. But the main concern is a lot of western men are worried about gold-diggers. In fact, the best way to avoid dating gold-diggers is to date out of your league, i.e. you must learn how to attract a Ukrainian woman who is drop-dead gorgeous, rich and one-of-a-kind.

Feign disinterest in a hot Ukrainian girl. Most attractive women are accustomed to men wanting to sleep with them, so early compliments have very little effect. Remember: beautiful women from Ukraine examine each praise very carefully. Therefore, at the beginning, a good strategy is to feign disinterest. Research indicates that sexy girls from Ukraine are more receptive to a guy if he is cool toward them at the very beginning. In this way, you make this hot woman feel that she earned your respect and interest. In other words, she likes you more if you don’t fawn at first but grow to respect and love her with continued contact.

dating women from Ukraine

Class exists in Ukraine, so it’s possible to date a rich Ukrainian bride from an upper-class community. In Ukraine, the upper class define “class” in terms of taste, values, behavior, style and ideology. Hence, if you want to bag an old-moneyed Ukrainian lady, you’d better learn something about these ideas now. You have to improve your own taste and style if your goal is to marry a rich girl from Ukraine. For instance, you need to pay more attention to how you dress and cut your hair from now on. Also, upper-class Ukrainian ladies may judge your table manners, how your living space looks, your hobbies, your interests, what magazines/books you read and your toilet paper. If you are sure you want to marry a wealthy lady from Ukraine, apparently you have a lot of homework to do these days.

pretty ukraine women

Change your vocabulary. If you’ve decided to date an upper-class Ukrainian woman, you should consider using upper-class vocabulary now. Actually, upper-class people don’t use euphemisms as often as you would think. Instead of saying “restroom”, they say “toilet”; instead of saying “wealthy”, they say “rich”. The key idea is: Upper-class women don’t feel embarrassed easily because of their core confidence. Therefore, it’s going to be helpful if you get rid of euphemism from your vocabulary. Another classic example is: Upper-class people say, “Maria is pregnant”; middle-class people say, “Maria is expecting”; and lower-class people say, “Maria is in a family way.” That means simple language is more upper-class! So, you’d better say fewer syllables to show your good taste.

ukrainian ladies online

You can’t be overweight if you want to marry an upper-class Ukrainian wife. Obesity is a very common problem in western countries. However, in Ukraine, upper-class people are thin. As a result, if you’d like to attract a rich woman from Ukraine, you must maintain a good body. Only gold-diggers from Ukraine want to marry fat foreign men with money! Consequently, you would be well-advised to work on your build and move like an upper-class guy. In Ukraine, upper-class men and women hold their hands close to their bodies when they walk and have more precise and controlled movements.


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dating russian women
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