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How to date rich women from Ukraine?

Maybe the title of this article confuses you because you always hear stories about Ukrainian women marrying western men for their money, but now this article is the opposite – how the hell can you date a rich woman from Ukraine for her money? Well, in fact, you can.

• Target rich men’s ex-wives who are stunners from Ukraine. Rich men like Ukrainian girls and they marry these gorgeous women. Do you know how much money Donald Trump gave his first ex-wife? Although Donald Trump signed a pre-nup with every wife, he gave his first ex-wife 25 million dollars when they got a divorce. Though his first ex-wife isn’t from Ukraine, Ivana Trump was pretty close – she is also an East European woman. Let’s look at this joke: If you marry Ivana Trump, you’ll actually get Donald Trump’s money. Even though this is only a joke, this theory is actually very practical – you can target wealthy men’s ex-wives who are beauties from Ukraine.


• You need to know who to hustle. Apart from rich guys’ ex-wives, you can also look at older Ukrainian ladies who used to be well-paid models when they were young. Since the late 80s and early 90s of last century, a growing number of Ukrainian beauties have moved to the United States to become fashion models. In fact, some of them are older women with money now. If you don’t mind dating a cougar who is in her 40s or 50s, you should know there is one more category to hustle: sugar mommas from Ukraine who made money during her prime time as models. Some of these Ukrainian ladies are single, but some of them are actually married. If you don’t mind having an extramarital affair with a cougar like that, you’ll benefit from her financially.


• Ask for her money when you two are in bed at night. The best negotiation table is not in a board room. Instead, it’s actually in your bedroom at night, i.e. your bed. When you and your rich woman from Ukraine are lying down in bed at night, it’s the best time to talk about something that’s hard to say, e.g. you need her financial assistance. Because it’s dark, you don’t have to look at her in the eyes, so you aren’t that nervous. Also, because it’s late at night, she is more emotional and is more likely to say yes to your requests. This technique is especially useful if you are her sugar baby because how can a sugar momma see her sugar baby suffer from financial stress? So of course she will help you.


• Work within her means. If you decide to date a rich lady from Ukraine and get into her wallet, you must assess the situation first:

1) How much money does she have?

2) How much money is she willing to spend on you?

3) What problems can she solve for you?

The first question is easy to answer because if she has a well-paid job, you can search her income on which tells you the annual salary of each position in almost every well-known company in the world. The second question is hard to answer because this depends on your attractiveness and how much she likes you. And surely, this also depends on the degree of her generosity. The third question is paramount because you must know what you want first. You should clarify what exactly you expect from every wealthy woman you date. Usually, there are three types of cougars:

A) treats;

B) tricks;

C) sponsors.

In other words, if the rich stunner from Ukraine is happy to pay for your dinner, she is a treat. Most sugar mommas don’t mind doing that, so treats are easy to find. If she is happy to pay for your vacation overseas and buy you fancy clothes, that’s a trick. If she is willing to give you enough money so that you can start your own business, or if she is paying your tuition fee at university, then she is a sponsor. You must write down which category this rich Ukrainian woman is in, so that you have the clarity and certainty in your head.


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dating russian women
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