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How to date younger women from Ukraine

Hugh Hefner, the ultimate sugar daddy who lived in the famous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, had a colourful sex life even in his 90s. Perhaps we all can learn a thing or two from this youthful guy!

• You must choose Ukrainian girls with brains. A smart guy knows the importance of intelligence. In fact, if you decide to date a younger woman from Ukraine, you’d better choose an intelligent woman. In this day and age, beauty is common – it’s literally everywhere. But wisdom is rare. Therefore, you would be well-advised to date a younger woman who values knowledge and learning. Otherwise, if you date a hot Ukrainian girl with an empty brain, she can’t even have a good conversation with you. Sooner or later, you’ll be bored and want to end the relationship which has wasted your investment.


• You must know what you mean to her. Are you her casual hook-up or her boyfriend? Are you her husband or her sugar daddy? You need to know this early on and see if you are happy with your position. If you are okay with the fact that you are her sugar daddy, then you should know how to be a good sugar daddy: 1) Always punish her bad behaviour and reward her good behaviour; 2) Always make sure she has given what you want before giving her what she wants.


• An arrangement can also become a marriage. Don’t forget that even Hugh Hefner married one of his sugar babies – He was 60 years older than his third wife! So of course, an arrangement can become a marriage. Therefore, don’t be put off by the idea of having a sugar baby for the rest of your life. In fact, probably that can be the best thing you’ll ever experience in life because it’s a mutually beneficial relationship without manipulation! You’ll love the honesty in it.


• Know what you can offer and what you can’t provide for her. You should have some standards and communicate those to your younger Ukrainian beauty. If what she expects is something that you can’t give her, then you should leave her alone because in the long term she will leave you anyway. For instance, if she expects you to be her sponsor (she wants to get a law degree from an American university and she wants you to pay her tuition fees), but you can’t do that for her, then you should let her know what you can’t offer and end the relationship fast. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from long-term manipulation in a horrible relationship that you can’t even stand.

• It’s possible that a younger lady from Ukraine can genuinely fall in love with an older guy. You have to believe this because it’s true: Some younger women in Ukraine actually prefer older men because older men bring financial security and social status. Many young women associate all of these with attractiveness because when they look at a man, they see a package, not just his looks.


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dating russian women
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