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How to improve your online dating profile

Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words couldn't have been more right. Image is what matters when it comes to dating profiles. It is wise to show yourself in the best light, to show off your good sides but still remain mysterious. Your profile is the first thing Ukrainian women will notice about you, and everything else happens after it. Your profile is a small window into your world and it is important to show the women what you're all about.


- Make a good profile picture

Your profile picture is the first thing someone will see, it is what will make a difference between being contacted and being ignored. Ukrainian women will take a look at your profile picture and decide whether you seem interesting to them or not. You should be the only person on your profile picture, take a look at the camera, smile and take the picture, it is that simple. Don't wear sunglasses; Ukrainian women might think that you have something to hide. It is important to look good but you shouldn't do it with makeup, Photoshop and other tools. Researched showed that if you make a flirty expression and put it as your profile picture, you will have the least success - so don't do it. Think of it as an equivalent of a duckface and you will know why not to do it. Make your profile picture simple, show your face and remember to smile.


- Never tell a lie

When it comes to online dating, people like to exaggerate a bit when writing about themselves. Most of the lies the people write about themselves are concerning their height and weight. After those two comes the income, then the age and then how recent the profile picture is. Chances are high that you might have lied about yourself before and that you could be thinking about it now. We don't advise it - your goal is to meet someone and to date them. All of the lies unfold as soon as you meet with someone, that's why if you're looking for a serious relationship you mustn't lie. No Ukrainian woman will have a good opinion of you when she finds out that you have been lying to her. Important fact about lies is that sooner or later they get found out, and you will never have a good relationship with someone if it is based on lies. The best thing you can do is not lie and be as honest as you can be.


- Don't be weird and creepy

Try to keep your hobbies to yourself, especially if they are very niche. Not every woman wants to know about your collection of cigarette boxes or about your model airplane building. You should mention certain facts about your life on your profile but try not to look like you are obsessed over something and don't be annoying. You should keep it short and sweet and only when you get to know someone better can you start revealing more about yourself. You should not start talking to Ukrainian women about sex, as much as it is a turn on for you, as much it is a turn off for her. No Ukrainian woman wants to talk about it before getting well acquainted with the person she is talking to. Keep that in mind before contacting a Ukrainian lady .


- Take it slow

You might be a life of the party or a funny guy, but not everyone enjoys the same things you do. It is hard to tell jokes over the Internet because a woman can't see your face; she can't read signs that you are telling a joke. There are the cultural differences as well; your type of humor might not go well with her type of humor. You should get to know her better before trying to be funny. Keep these things in mind and your profile will definitely be more noticeable and you will have more luck with Ukrainian women.


dating russian women
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