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How to kiss a Ukrainian woman properly

When you date a Ukrainian girl, she is actually thinking about when you are going to kiss her all the time. In fact, being a man is much easier than being a woman because as a man, you are in control – you decide when you are going to take her out, when you will kiss her, when you will sleep with her, etc. A guy is the leader in the relationship, so it’s your job to figure things out. However, as a woman, she is less convenient socially because she can’t proactively chase you, right? If a woman chases a man proactively, chances are he will freak out because he thinks it’s his job to chase women. Anyway, today’s topic is how to kiss your Ukrainian girlfriend properly.

how to kiss a Ukrainian woman free


Create a romantic ambience. What happens before kissing your Ukrainian beauty is the foreplay of the kiss. You may take her to a romantic restaurant for the date (it doesn’t have to be an expensive and fancy restaurant; a Thai restaurant is good enough because it’s not expensive and has a romantic ambience). You can easily get her aroused by a candle/dinner date night at home as well if your budget is low. Even if you can’t cook, you can use Uber Eats to order some delicious food that can be delivered to your home. Then all you need to prepare is some beautiful candles (some high-quality candles are available at L’OCCITANE and some cheap candles can be found at Target). If it’s an important dinner date at home (e.g. her birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.), then you may want to buy some good candles; however, if it’s a random Tuesday night, you can simply get some candles from Target!


Kiss your Ukrainian lady before eating dinner. If neither of you is really hungry, you may even kiss her before eating dinner. Just touch her gently first while your lips touch hers. And as your tongue enters her mouth, your touch becomes more intense – you press her breasts harder, you finger her vulva, you rub every inch of her skin…. If she is begging you for sex, you can fuck her then and there before dinner, because experts maintain that feeling slightly hungry before sex is actually good for your health and wellbeing (nobody really wants to fuck with a full stomach)! If she isn’t begging you for sex, you can relax and have dinner with her first because the foreplay can start again later at night.

kiss your Ukrainian girlfriend


Re-calibrate along the way. When you hear your Ukrainian stunner moans louder, you should know she is extremely turned on by your sexy kiss. When she doesn’t have much reaction, that means she probably wants to have dinner first. Learn to read Ukrainian women like a pro and you’ll benefit from what you’ve read today in the long run.


Have dinner with your woman from Ukrainemindfully. During the romantic dinner date, look at her eyes, her lips and her breasts as you enjoy the dinner. Now the sexual tension and yummy food are woven together. She will also feel this sexual connection with you as she is enjoying the delicious meal in the romantic candle light. This is a great way to prepare for another make-out session later.

beauty from Ukraine


Forget about the dessert because the make-out session is your dessert. After dinner, you take out a tray full of different condoms and ask your beauty from Ukraine, “Which dessert do you prefer?” Your naughty girlfriend will surely choose her favorite flavor and begin to kiss you immediately. Then you’ll be ready to fuck her well.


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