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How to use crystals to improve your love life with a Ukrainian woman

No matter you believe in metaphysics or not, switched-on men try every way they can to improve every area of their lives, including their love lives. Therefore, today we are going to discuss how to use crystals to improve your love life with a Ukrainian lady.


Buy Rose Quartz and put it in your pocket. According to Judy Hall (author of the million-copy bestseller The Crystal Bible), Rose Quartz is the single most powerful crystal which attracts love to your life. So, you can use it to your advantage by carrying Rose Quartz with you wherever you go. Alternatively, you can also put Rose Quartz near the door to your balcony. This will help you to manifest love in your life. Some alternative crystals are Rhodochrosite, Tugtupite and Mangano Calcite.

crystal is more about


Use Green Aventurine if you are an older man looking for a younger woman from Ukraine. It is said that Green Aventurine assists older men to find love fast because this crystal is more about helping senior singles find companion and love, thereby enjoying golden years with happiness. Also, Green Aventurine brings abundance to all areas of life. If you are already dating a Ukrainian girlfriend, you may buy a Green Aventurine necklace from Tiffany & Co (it’s not that expensive because the necklace is sterling silver designed by Elsa Peretti) and give it to your Ukrainian beauty. In this way, you will not only please your girlfriend, but also ensure a happy life together.

crystals are Rhodochrosite


Use Emerald to keep your Ukrainian stunner. Finding love isn’t hard, but keeping your wife is an art form. Hence, you can use Emerald to keep the love of your life. Remember that some Emerald stones can be slightly toxic, so you need to find a high-quality stone from a reputable store. A great way to use Emerald is to buy an Emerald engagement ring for your Ukrainian girl – who says an engagement ring has to be a diamond ring?


Have more passion in the bedroom by placing Garnet under your pillow. Garnet is considered a sexy stone – it can ignite your passion with your Ukrainian wife. But please note that Garnet is similar to Emerald in some ways because it can be slightly toxic if the source is wrong. Hence, you would be well-advised to buy Garnet from a reliable store. If you want your wife from Ukraine to be sexier, you can give her a Garnet ring (this is available at Pandora – not expensive). She will appreciate the gift and become hotter at the same time. That’s called killing two birds with one stone! If you have more budget, you can even buy her a Ruby ring which is even more powerful than Garnet. Ruby is amongst the top three hardest gemstones (Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby). Now you know why in Jade Seashell’s book A Seductress’ Confession, the hot girl is called Ruby.

diamond ring


Use Amethyst to calm things down if you are not sure which lady from Ukraine is the right bride. Sometimes Rose Quartz can be so powerful that it attracts too many women to you suddenly. Now you have to calm things down by placing Amethyst in your pocket at the same time. Amethyst is a powerful crystal which helps you avoid energy vampires who only want to take value from you. Thus, if you don’t want to attract gold-diggers and whores, you can simply use Amethyst to assist you in this journey.


If jealousy is a problem, use Peridot. Peridot alleviates anger, stress, resentment and jealousy. This stone boosts your confidence and enhances forgiveness. An alternative stone is Opal because it fosters faithfulness and loyalty, so if you want your bride from Ukraine to be faithful forever, you may want to place Opal at home.


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