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Meeting with your Ukrainian woman's parents

We all remember those times when we were young and had to meet our girlfriend's parents for the first time. It was a pretty scary experience, after all, you stand in front of two people whose only job is to judge you. Continuation of your relationship is at stakes, and it is normal to be scared. It is the same with the parents of your Ukrainian woman. Luckily, this article will help you to deal with it in the best way possible.


You should know that in Ukraine family is very important, both to the parents and the children as well. As soon as you step over their doorstep they will greet you with curious eyes which seem to be gazing right through you. It is normal, after all, they had never met you before, but they know that their daughter likes you, so relax a bit. You should know that your Ukrainian woman feels almost the same as you do, she is scared as well and isn't sure whether they will like you. You should try to muster through it, because if you manage to gain the respect of her parents, there is nothing left standing between you and your Ukrainian lady.

- Show respect and be polite

You are meeting people who are most likely a lot older than you are, it is important to show them respect. Bring a gift for the woman of the house, something small like a box of candy or flowers will be perfect. They will notice the small sign that you care and it will be an excellent way to break the ice.

- Do not drink alcohol unless they ask you to

It is pretty safe to think that everyone knows this one, but it is important to repeat it. Ukrainian people are known as social drinkers, but that doesn't know that they will tolerate you being drunk. If they offer you to share a drink with them, you should definitely say yes. Saying no shows a great deal of disrespect, so remember to take a sip if they ask you to. If you are not a drinker, muster through, it is better to satisfy the parents than to show them disrespect.

- Never refuse food

If the family of your Ukrainian lady invites you over for dinner or lunch you should definitely say yes. If you say no, it will ruin all of your chances with their daughter. You should eat anything they put in front of you and don't forget to say thank you and to compliment whoever did the cooking.


- Be presentable

Cut your hair and sort it out, you wouldn't want to look messy in front of them. Get some good clothes and make sure that they fit you. You should keep it simple without the need to overdress, but try not to show up looking like someone who doesn't care about appearance.

- Don't swear

Never use bad language in front of her parents. You should know that everything can be said nicely. Parents of your Ukrainian woman will never forgive you if you come off as someone who is rude and doesn't have any manners.

Reading this article is a sure way to help you out with the first date with your Ukrainian woman's parents. Be polite, show some modesty and remember to show them respect. Good luck and try to have fun.

dating russian women
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