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Myths and truths about Ukrainian women

When it comes to Ukrainian ladies there are many myths about them. Majority of them exist due to the ignorance of people and them being unable to accept certain differences. This article exists to help you with some of the most common myths and help you with understanding what is true and what is not about Ukrainian women.


- Ukrainian woman are looking for a foreign man because they are poor and desperate

When one talks about myths concerning Ukrainian women, one can't fail to mention this one. It is the one most of the people mention when talking about the Ukrainian women. The truth is that plenty of Ukrainian ladies who use dating websites are women who have finished a college, have a career and are far from being poor. They are not desperate, but it is a bit hard for them to find a man. There are more men than women in Ukraine, that's why they use online dating services, not out of desperation. You won't find easy women from Ukraine on dating websites.

- Ukrainian women only want money

This is a complete fabrication, yes money is important, but not important enough to make them choose a man only based on his income. Many people think that Ukrainian women care only about the money due to cultural differences. Western women are used to being more independent and caring about their careers, but that doesn't mean that it is like that everywhere. Most of the men are used to splitting the tab in the restaurant with a woman, while the Ukrainian ladies are used to letting the man pay. It is common for women in Ukraine to expect small gifts and small signs of affection. That's why most of the men who are not aware of it think that Ukraine women only want money. It might look bad, but the truth is that it's just due to cultural differences.

- It is important to meet her parents

This is true. Families in Ukraine are very close, parents take care of their children for a long time. Women in Ukraine invite men over to meet their family only when they care about them. If you get invited to your Ukrainian woman's place to meet her parents, never say no. It will insult her and you will have no chances of being with her. You should bring a small gift for her mother. Buy some flowers, maybe some candy, and don’t worry too much about the size of the gift, it is important to bring something to show that you care. If they offer you to eat, do not tell them that you are not hungry. Thank them and sit together with them at the table and share a meal with them. Remember to compliment the cook. While talking to your Ukrainian lady's parents be sure not to interrupt them and don't swear. Remember that you are in their house and don't forget to respect them for their hospitality.


We hope that this small article has helped you with some questions you have had and we hoped that it will bring you closer to achieving happiness with your beautiful Ukrainian woman.

dating russian women
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