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Relations with Ukrainian Women. Tips for Men?

If you're a guy and a black line has begun in a relationship with your half,- this article is just for you! We will not give a long lecture, but we can give some useful advice.

Do you often argue with your beloved? Maybe you think you're not a very harmonious couple? Do you often quarrel over trifles? If you answered "Yes" to any (or all) of these questions, then, my friend, you are the one who needs our help. Turn off your TV, music center or whatever else you can make noise, and focus solely on the text. The Most Serious Relationship Mistakes
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Do not be offended, we’re not trying to command. Your close attention, concentration, and participation is extremely important in order for the article to benefit. And the benefit will be, and it does not matter who you are – an advanced married man or a young guy at the first stage of acquaintance.

At the same time, we will ask not to take everything that will be said with prejudice. Relax and make a conscious decision to read everything, to be imbued and be honest with yourself. Now you are only two - you and the computer screen. So, we agreed that we’re not going to teach you. All this – is just a friendly advice, to make your life with Ukrainian beauties happier. You want this, do not you? If "Yes", then, let’s start!

How to behave with Ukrainian woman?

As promised, we will not paint everything in great detail, but will focus only on the key points of the relationship in pairs and try to reveal your own potential so that you can make your marriage happy or improve your relationship with your girlfriend. Read Why You Shouldn’t Lie To Ukrainian Women.
  • Male egoism. You can think what you want, but the truth is: "All men are selfish." Any man contains several doses of selfishness that flow through his veins along with blood. The only thing that changes from man to man is the amount of these very doses. And very rare men understand that it is their selfishness that causes most of the problems in marriage and in relations with women. This selfishness is similar to horse blinds (these are things that were put on horses' eyes so they could not look around), as a result of which men look at everything from only one point of view – the male point of view. Fighting against selfishness and removing this shortcoming is the first thing to do before you start anything at all.
  • With rare exceptions, most men show impassable stupidity when it comes to communicating with a woman. Men see "ABC", understand this as a way between three points and say that it should be so - "ABC". Women see "ABC", perceive it as "DEF", interpret it as GHI", understand it as "JKL", and finally say aloud: "MNO". We do not know if it became clear, but we tried to show how difficult is effective communication when we talk about the interaction between a man and a woman. A couple of "smart" books to improve mutual understanding with the opposite sex, will help you a little better understand the intricacies of a woman's mind and the work of her logic. You can turn to your close friend and ask her to explain you some points.

Roles in the relationship.

Another obstacle to perceiving the inner world of a woman is a warlike reluctance to understand her experiences. At least once in a while put yourself in her place and do not try to be a "sofa man" at the moment when the woman is engaged in economic affairs. If only you could imagine how insulting to contemplate the body lying on the sofa during the cleaning in the apartment.

Putting yourself in her place, you will understand much. Both you and your half have returned from work, but after a hard day of work you have football and beer, and she has a vacuum cleaner and a kitchen. We do not call for clinging to a rag and wiping dust, but the next time you have a disagreement, try to "get into her skin." This will help in solving many small issues, of which there are big scandals.

Respect and gratitude.

These are two very simple things, rarely shown by men. Respect your woman and value her for everything she does, and do not endlessly holler her with what she does not do. First of all, let her know that you respect and appreciate her. She must see and hear this.
ukraine sky ais

Attention to details.

Women pay much attention to small things. we will not explain, because the man still can not comprehend it. Just accept this as a fact. In the woman's understanding, the whole world consists of small things, to which she pays close attention. For a woman, little things, these are integral parts of integrity, harmony, balance and happiness. From you it is necessary utter nonsense: put dishes in their place; put socks where they should lie; clean the bed in the morning and do not throw a wet towel on the bed. A woman may not have enough words and abilities to correctly explain what she wants, but this is what is, and men should accept this order of things if they want to ensure peace in the relationship.

"Trivia" is not limited only to household chores and duties. This also applies to romance. Within five minutes, massage her legs after a tiring day, make a little surprise and cook dinner (even if it's macaroni and cheese), send her a text message with words of love, just give flowers so ... all this, women highly appreciate. Try it, and you will notice the changes for the better.

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