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The Most Serious Relationship Mistakes

Good communication between spouses is the basis for a strong marriage. Many families could be saved if wives and husbands were able to properly establish relationships. The most offensive is that the blame for everything is the elementary harmful behavioral habit of "letting off steam," which throws coals into the flaming flame of a future family scandal. After the spouses get on the curve of the escalation of conflicts, the overall negative component of the relationship is steadily growing, because both repeat their mistakes again and again. If there is a similar situation in your marriage, pay attention to the three most serious mistakes of relations in marriage and see how they can be corrected or avoided.
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  1. Scream

When you feel an attack of anger, you are probably starting to raise your voice. Anger creates a nervous tension, and stress requires relaxation, and you are looking for a way to discharge. Screaming at your mate - it seems the fastest and easiest option to relieve stress, but in fact, shouting or talking on high tones brings even more trouble. How To Avoid Scandals In Relationship With Ukrainian Women?.

After you scream enough, and discharge all your tension on the spouse, then seeing how upset he feels, you can feel relief. However, this feeling is very fleeting. All that you said "in my heart" did not solve the problem, but, on the contrary, poured oil into the fire.

During the scream, a large number of strong, negative emotions are released. It does not matter what exactly you are trying to say at this moment. The content of screaming does not matter, because strong emotions distract from the perception of content and cause your partner to concentrate solely on emotions, and not on your words.

Of course, the foregoing does not at all mean that in the process of communication you should not express any emotions and talk like a robot. But a cry is something that goes far beyond normal communication, creates the prerequisites for further intensifying the conflict and does not at all contribute to a better understanding of your words, as you might initially think. Even if you want to say something really important, the cry completely negates all good intentions and eventually turns into a debilitating and destructive habit. Your words should convey the meaning of what you are saying. If you are able to curb emotions, the content of what you said will come to the fore. Do not try to suppress emotions in principle, they can be a very important part of the conversation. But remember - your goal is to make Ukrainian spouse understand your words and what you want to tell her.
  1. Rivalry

Rivalry between wife and husband can be quite healthy, if it is accepted by both spouses and is playful in nature, but all that goes beyond this framework, builds an irresistible wall in the relationship.

Competition surrounds us from all sides - from sports competitions on TV to which apartment is more beautiful than the front door. Any rivalry suggests that as a result, someone must win, and someone loses. You may have to compete and compete in many areas of your life, but marriage is not one of these areas. If one spouse wins another, they lose both.

You can compete with your wife while playing badminton or arguing about the accuracy of forecasting the results of the upcoming elections. But everything that goes beyond these boundaries and is not mutually accepted conditions of the game creates serious problems of family relationships.
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  1. "I" instead of "WE"

Have you ever listened to the thoughts that are swirling in your head? How many of them and how much is focused only on you - "how do I look," "my plans for tomorrow," "what will I put on," etc. Naturally, this is all somewhat exaggerated, but what percentage of all your thoughts does the wife occupy? How To Find Beautiful Ukrainian Women For Serious Relationship? How often do you think about how fun you will spend time together, what is she doing now, what's her mood? Try to put yourself in the shoes of your spouse and make at least one of her days truly happy. Be prepared for the fact that your sincere benevolence and attentiveness can be seen and evaluated not immediately. Marriage is a constant and very hard work.

It's just amazing how many positive changes occur only from a change in energy in the family from "minus" to "plus." It is necessary to correct only three mistakes and if you understand this, you will quickly achieve real progress in your relations.

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dating russian women
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