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The best ideas for the first date with a Ukrainian woman

The first date with a Ukrainian girl is the most important part in the initial stage of your relationship. Now let me share the best ideas for the first date with you.


Always choose dinner date as the first date because you want to interview her. If you know this Ukrainian lady is a high-value woman based on her dating profile, you should ask her out and take her to a restaurant for dinner. Remember: Only do this when you are sure this woman from Ukraine is probably a high-quality woman because you don’t want to waste your money on some basic bitch. The reason you should take a high-value lady to a restaurant is that the first date should be an interview by nature. That means you need to find out whether she can give you what you want, whether she deserves your love and whether her personality/lifestyle and yours are compatible – you can only hear her clearly and understand her well when you sit down with her in a quiet place for a few hours.



You should choose a restaurant and tell her where to go. As an alpha guy, it is your responsibility to choose a restaurant so that she knows you can make decisions in life. By choosing a restaurant for the dinner date, you tell her you are the leader in the relationship. Because most beauties from Ukraine won’t tell you where they live on the first date, you probably won’t pick her up and drive her to the restaurant on the first date. Therefore, it is your responsibility to tell her where to go so that she can get an Uber.



Ask her to order your entrée for you; you should order her dessert for her. Of course, the main course is the most important part of a dinner, so you and the beauty from Ukraine should order your own main courses individually. However, when it comes to the entrée and the dessert, you can have some fun. For instance, you can say this to her, “I’ve looked at the menu and I’ve chosen my entrée. But I’d like you to order my entrée for me so that we will see whether you can guess what I like. I’ll send a text message to you now, and you will see what I have selected in the text message later. If you get the right entrée, there will be a reward later.” (You can say the reward is giving her a hug or a kiss at the end of the date.) Certainly, she will enjoy this interesting interaction with you. The real reason you want her to order your entrée for you is that you can assess this Ukrainian beauty’s lifestyle – if she orders a salad for you as your entrée, that means she is probably a down-to-earth girl; in contrast, if she orders lobster as your entrée, you’ll know she probably experts you to give her a luxury lifestyle in the future. Then you can keep talking to her and confirm whether your temporary conclusion is true or not. Besides, the benefit of ordering her dessert for her is you can reward her good behavior or punish her bad behavior at the end of the dinner:If she behaves really well and you like her answers to your questions during this interview, you can order a more expensive dessert for her; by contrast, if she behaves badly and you hate her answers to your questions, you should order the cheapest dessert for her.



Ask her the right questions; talk less about yourself. Most men make this mistake: When they are on a date with women from Ukraine, they talk too much because they are trying too hard. Actually, a high-value guy knows his value and worth, so he always talks less about himself and asks more questions to evaluate the Ukrainian date in front of him. Hence, you can ask her the following questions:

1) Why do you want to be an accountant/flight attendant/product manager? – Her answer will tell you how she looks at her career as well as her ambition.

2) What did you do wrong in your previous relationship? – When you ask her this question, make sure you are smiling because this is actually a very serious question (she might think you are criticizing her, but if you are smiling as you are asking her this question, she will be okay with it because the ambience is not serious). Her answer to this question will show you her weaknesses in dating and relationship, so it’s a bit like the most difficult question “what are your weaknesses” in a job interview.

3) Why do you want to marry a western man? – This question is also a very effective way to assess the Ukrainian woman you are dating. Usually, most girls from Ukraine wouldn’t prepare answers to this question as it is an unexpected question. Thus, it’s a bit hard for her to make something up on the spot.


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