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The hierarchy of Ukrainian women

This is not a politically correct topic because in a PC world, we are supposed to say everyone is equal, right? Well, our website is not a mainstream website – as you can see, we help western men to meet Ukrainian women & international dating is already a controversial topic that many people have different opinions about. Therefore, we’ve decided to be honest with you and show you the hierarchy of Ukrainian girls.


Level 1: Desperate women looking for western men to save them. This is the worst women from Ukraine because their goal is to leave Ukraine and marry western men who can financially provide for them. These women aren’t educated and don’t have jobs, so they are miserable and low-value. You must avoid them at all cost.


Level 2: Drama queens. Once a basic bitch can meet her basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter, she is able to survive by herself. Now the next level is to find some excitement in life, and the most common excitement for this group of girls from Ukraine is drama – jealousy, backstabbing, arguments and emotional roller coaster. If you aren’t a fan of drama, you must avoid this group of Ukrainian ladies.



Level 3: Gold-diggers. Gold-diggers in Ukraine are different from gold-diggers in western countries. If you date a gold-digger in a western country, chances are she doesn’t look like a gold-digger because she always dresses up like an elegant lady. However, if you date a gold-digger from Ukraine, you will know she is a gold-digger because she wears heavy makeup and carries an LV bag. In other words, Ukrainian gold-diggers are more honest, so they are in Level 3 rather than Level 0.


Level 4: Those who are validated by attention, especially male attention. Of course, almost every woman wants men to pay attention to her because that’s human nature – every lady wants to be desired by men so that she knowsshe has reproductive value. Having said that, if a Ukrainian beauty is only validated by male attention, that probably means she doesn’t have core confidence. A woman with core confidence is someone who knows her value no matter what. She always loves herself no matter you love her or not. Ironically, that’s the type of women that most men find attractive.



Level 5: Well-educated women with ambition, respect for men and desire for family. This is the highest level of them all. In fact, it’s not very easy to find a very well-educated lady from Ukraine because most Ukrainian beautiesknow that when they graduate, they can’t find good jobs anyway – most high-paying jobs are non-existent in Ukraine. That means those who are well-educated know the value of knowledge and skills, so they have more potential in the long term. A Ukrainian womanwho values knowledge also values growth. Also, if she respects men because she genuinely appreciates men, that means she is in Level 5. By contrast, if she respects men only because she expects men to financially support her, then she is actually in Level 1. Therefore, her motive is more important than you think. Last but not least, nowadays not every modern woman wants to choose motherhood when they can choose career. Hence, if you’ve found a high-quality Ukrainian stunnerwho wants to start a family with you, you shouldn’t let her go.


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dating russian women
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