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What Topics Should You Discuss Before The Marriage?

Men, fallen in love with Ukrainian brides, are really lucky, because this girls can change their life in real fairy tale. And this is a real joyful event when such a couple decides to get married. All thoughts are now busy with the anticipation of a happy life together and even any doubts arise about the fact that immense happiness and joy will be waiting for you on the future. But why do there exist so many divorces, broken fates, children growing up in single-parent families? How To Avoid Scandals In Relationship With Ukrainian Women?
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In most cases, families are destroyed not for the reasons "we have completely different characters and lifestyles", "too different people", etc. The vast majority of marriages fall apart due to unjustified expectations. By combining their destinies, a couple necessarily has certain expectations and ideas about their future family life. Moreover, each partner has its own ideas, and they can differ significantly from the views of another partner. If people treated marriage more seriously and before deciding to go under the crown, they would discuss some important issues that have a significant impact on life, questions.

However, we will not pull and go to the point. If you are going to bind yourself by marriage, we suggest discussing with the future wife the five topics before going to the altar. In the future it will help to avoid many conflicts, save your time and save your nerves. So, the experts of our marriage agency offer you main topics to discuss before the marriage.

1 Children. Do you want to have children? There is nothing more devastating for marriage than different views on the birth of children, for example, if one of the spouses wants a child, and another is categorically against it.

You should also discuss in advance not only the desire to have children, but also how many children you would like. It is not superfluous to discuss the issues of discipline, upbringing, education and childcare - who will stay at home, and who will work or may have to hire a nanny, etc. We understand that something can change with the flow of time, but you still need to have an idea of ​​what each of you thinks about this and what should be expected.

2 Money. You need to know how much debt (if any) you have both. Find out how to return them and decide in advance how you will manage the finances in the family. How much each of you will leave for personal expenses, will you have a "common purse"? Who will be in charge of maintaining financial records and paying mandatory payments (utilities, rent, etc.)?

Discuss the questions of your future family budget. Talk about your goals and plans for big purchases - car, house, furniture. How will you make expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances?
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3 Sex. We do not mean the romance of sexual relations. Approach it purely in practice. Don’t think that discussing such issues will damage your relationship. On the contrary, it will save you from so many problems.

Now everything can be very good, but in fact, each person has his own characteristics of sexual behavior and his preferences in sex. The more you are together as a couple, the more these features will manifest.

Failure to meet sexual expectations or a negative reaction to any sexual manifestation can greatly affect your relationship and lead to great trouble. Therefore, it is best to insure yourself against surprises in advance.

4 Religion and belief. These questions will have an impact not only on you, but also, ultimately, on your children in the future. Will you go to church? What religion do you practice? Will there be religious traditions in your family? If yes, to what extent. Belief, for example political, is also important. There are more than one pair where there are frequent quarrels and scandals because of disagreements in political preferences, which subsequently led to a complete rupture of relations.

5 Job. What are your career goals? Do any of you want to continue your education? How would this happen? Is it possible that the work of your spouse may require moving to another city or another country? In addition to paid work, you should also talk about housework. How will your household responsibilities be distributed? Who will be responsible for buying food, cooking, cleaning in an apartment, etc.? Discussion of all these issues before marriage can eventually save it in the future, eliminate unnecessary stress, deformation in the relationship and misunderstanding. Relations with Ukrainian Women. Tips for Men

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