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What to do when a Ukrainian woman tells you that she has a boyfriend

So, you’ve decided to go out and approach some hot women in Ukraine. But one of the most common problems is beautiful ladies in Ukraine aren’t usually single. The more pretty a girl is, the more likely that she is taken. Therefore, how to deal with this situation is something that needs to be addressed now.

beautiful ladies in Ukraine


She is happy in her current relationship. One of the possible reasons that she tells you she has a boyfriend or husband is because she is actually satisfied with her current relationship/marriage. In this case, you should say, “That’s okay. We can still be friends. Are you on Facebook? Don’t worry. I won’t harass you. It’s just nice to have a gorgeous female friend like you.” When she hears this, her guard is down and she also feels validated by your genuine compliment. As a result, she is more willing to become your friend on Facebook. Once you have a way to contact her, the situation is actually in your favour: Nowadays relationships and marriages are quite vulnerable, so chances are she will break up with her boyfriend (or divorce her husband) next year. When that happens, you can look at her Facebook posts and check her relationship status on Facebook – that’s how you find it out. Then it’s your opportunity to approach her on Facebook.

beauty from Ukraine


She is using her boyfriend as an excuse. Maybe this beauty from Ukraine isn’t used to talking to strangers due to fear, so she simply uses her boyfriend as a tool to protect herself (and maybe she doesn’t even have a boyfriend). All you need to do is to build trust. She has to trust you before she can date you. Hence, you shouldn’t give her any pressure and you should just be the fun-loving and relaxed new guy in her life. Again, don’t give it up. You still need to figure out a way to contact her. Maybe you can add her as a friend on Facebook or follow her on Instagram.

hot women in Ukraine


She is giving you a shit test. Some Ukrainian girls may want to give you shit tests, and that’s absolutely okay and normal. As a mature man, you shouldn’t be fazed by any test, let alone shit tests! When the Ukrainian stunner says, “I have a boyfriend”, she is probably testing you – she wants to see whether you can be fazed easily or not. If you give it up immediately, she knows you are probably a pussy. In contrast, if you are persistent, she will think highly of you because you have demonstrated your masculine energy in front of her. She actually wants to see that you are a confident and unfazed guy no matter what. Thus, you would be well-advised to be okay with what she tells you and still be cool. If you can pass this shit test, this Ukrainian woman might become yours sooner or later.

Ukrainian girl  waiting you


A real example: Alina was a 28-year-old Ukrainian beauty. She went to a karaoke bar with friends at night. Because Alina was very good at singing, she fabulously sang a song called “I Will Always Love You” at midnight. As she was walking down the stage and towards her seat, a handsome guy called Alex stopped her and he said, “You are my hero.” Alina really loved the genuine compliment, so she sat down with Alex at his table and had a chat. “Do you want to go out with me some time?” Alex asked her. “But I’m married,” Alina told him the truth. “Well, but you are irresistible. Would you like to catch up with me for lunch tomorrow?” Alex was persistent. “Sorry, I can’t,” Alina actually liked Alex, but she was happy in her marriage at that time. “Then tonight is our first date,” Alex continued, “I moved to this city today because my company has relocated.” Although Alina enjoyed Alex’s company, she still left the venue with her friends (without giving Alex her phone number) because she was married at that time. Three months later, Alina found out that her marriage began to have serious issues and she had to get a divorce. Later on, Alina became divorced, but she couldn’t find Alex anymore. She went back to that karaoke bar again and again, yet she just couldn’t find Alex there.


Moral of the story:

1) If Alex met Alina, the beauty from Ukraine, a few months later, they would fall in love. In actuality, Alex approached Alina proactively because he moved to that city on that day – everything was interesting and exciting at that moment. If Alex had lived in that city for a few months already, probably he wouldn’t approach Alina in that situation.

2) If Alina met Alex a few months later, she would definitely keep in touch with him. But timing is everything in this case.

3) If you are in Alex’s situation, always make sure you get Alina’s phone number. You should ask the Ukrainian girl how you can keep in touch with her as a friend. Don’t be afraid of being in the friend zone because you will probably have a chance to get out of the friend zone in today’s day and age.


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dating russian women
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