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Why You Shouldn’t Lie To Ukrainian Women?

In conversations with clients at our online dating portal, one of the most frequent question is "Can girls be guided by intuition?". This question, despite its seeming simplicity, is not so simple, and it is impossible to answer it in two words, so we’ve decided to devote a separate article to it.

What is women's intuition?

We often use a combination of words - "female intuition", many endow it with magical properties, but when it comes to giving a clear definition of the concept of "female intuition", most can not say what kind of quality this is. First you need to understand what intuition is. Someone thinks that intuition is the ability to foresee the future, but is it really so? Intuition is the ability to make the right decision or to comprehend the truth without evidence and without preliminary logical reasoning. This ability is inherent in every person in varying degrees. But in order to understand how women's intuition differs from men's intuition or from intuition in general, we should return to the distant past. Words And Their Role In Relationships
Marriage With Ukrainian Brides

Every man is psychologically oriented in "outer space", as his tasks are to obtain food (hunting) and to protect the territory from enemies. The man needs to defeat the enemy, kill the beast on the hunt, and not communicate with them or understand their feelings, so his brain is more attuned to action, not communication.

The Ukrainian women are psychologically oriented in the "inner space" - ensuring peace and prosperity within the family, keeping pets and most importantly - raising and protecting children, so their brains are more focused on communication than on action.

But communication is not just speech. At the first stages of life, children do not speak, however, mothers can recognize which emotions their child experiences: fear, pain, hunger, discomfort, grief or joy. And if a man can fight for a long time in conjectures about the hysterical crying of a child, the woman almost unerringly determines the cause of this crying. The ability to recognize verbal and non-verbal signals is inherent in a woman for many years of evolution and the need to ensure the survival of offspring. Similarly, a woman should be able to quickly assess the people who come to her house - whether they are friendly or aggressive. If a woman does not have such skills, she would put her family and her children on the brink of survival, constantly endangering.

According to the results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain, it was possible to determine that during intercourse, a woman has 14 to 16 key points in both hemispheres of the brain. While men - only 4 to 7. It is thanks to its ability to unconsciously correctly recognize verbal and non-verbal cues, a woman who understands herself inexplicably, can easily understand whether you lie to her, even if the interlocutor does not have time to open his mouth. Learn What Topics Should You Discuss Before The Marriage With Ukrainian Brides?

In this regard, there’s an advice for men:

  • Do not lie to your women. In most cases, a woman knows that you are deceiving her, but she simply persuades herself that she is mistaken or gives you a chance to tell her the truth.
  • It is clear that women's intuition does not always work, but only in those cases when the correctness of the decision made by a woman directly concerns her personal safety, children, the well-being of the family.

These are the points that are used to "decode" words, tone of voice, facial expressions, body signals and other subtle distinctive features of the mood and emotional state of the "animate object." Actually, this is the basis of "female intuition," and, for example, explains the woman's ability to "read through the eyes", which seems to men to be foolishness, because they are just not very capable of it.
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How much can girls trust their intuition?

If you have a steady experience of making intuitively correct decisions, then why not trust your own intuition. But if there is no such experience, it is better to rely on logic.

And one more important remark. Female intuition does not work in the absence of an "object" of communication. "I was sitting alone in a dark room and then my female intuition prompted me ..." this can not be. More precisely, maybe, but this has nothing to do with intuition. Female intuition "turns on" only when women are in direct contact with the object of communication, which they should at least hear, and even better - to see.

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