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How to make a Ukrainian lady beg you for sex

Since you’ve read so many articles on this blog already, now you have the ability to turn the tables and make a Ukrainian girl beg you for sex so that she will do all the hard work for you.


Sexualize everything in your interactions with your Ukrainian woman. When she is hanging out with you, you can make the seduction effortless. Yes, everything needs to seem seamless and effortless – let’s say it’s a Saturday and you spend one day with your Ukrainian girlfriend: When you see her in the morning, bring her some roses (romantic flowers). Drive to the beach with her (the ocean makes her more emotional). Lie down on the sand with her (the soft sand caresses her skin gently). On your way to have lunch, play some sexy music in the car (e.g. Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply and Santa Monica). After lunch, take her to the movies to see a romantic film (e.g. Fifty Shades Darker). In the cinema, your hands can travel under her blouse. When you go back home after seeing the movie, she is ready to fuck you. You’ll realize that having sex before dinner makes dinner more enjoyable.

Ukrainian lady beg you for sex


Learn some massage techniques. You can learn a range of massage techniques to relax your Ukrainian beauty and turn her on. The most sexual massage technique is a non-touch massage, i.e. your hands touch the fine hair on her body, but you don’t touch her skin. That’s the best way to arouse a woman easily. Actually, if your woman from Ukraine does that for you, you will have a boner instantly. Of course, there are many other massage skills that you can learn, and you can even buy some essential oils to achieve better results. Some erotic essential oils are rose, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and chamomile. Mix oils right and enjoy the sexy reaction from your Ukrainian stunner.

relax your Ukrainian beauty


Know what turns her on. Some Ukrainian women are turned on if you rub their nipples; some are aroused if you kiss their lips down there. One size doesn’t fit all, so I can’t teach you one tip which makes her pussy beg you for sex. However, you can still figure out what works and what doesn’t work. It takes a while for a man to understand a woman sexually. That’s why one-night stand isn’t the best way to enjoy physical pleasure unless someone really has no option. You can spend some time to explore your girlfriend’s sexuality: When did she moan louder? When was she wetter? Answers to these questions will reveal what really works pretty well.

day with your Ukrainian girlfriend


Become a high-value man. If you are fundamentally a loser, none of these techniques in this article will work, because women from Ukraine can’t be turned on by losers no matter how hot these losers are. Research shows that women tend to have more orgasms if they are married to rich and successful men because money and power are the strongest aphrodisiacs in the world (just look at why Monica Lewinsky was attracted to Bill Clinton). Therefore, you may want to figure out how to be a high-value man so that you can get any lady from Ukraine you want.


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dating russian women
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